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Who We Are

Florida’s LGBT community has come to depend on Mark’s List as their primary digital source for entertainment, photos, trending news and travel information for more than a decade.

How We Do It

Our associates are across the board, the best in their fields. We pride ourselves in finding and retaining highly motivated, experienced professionals who take pride in maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Business Landing Page Development

Mark’s List and our associated sites all provide a free Splash Page for businesses in the cities we serve. If we have not already done so and you would like us to consider building a Splash Page for your business and include you in our directory, please Sign Up For Our Business Directory.

Who’s in the Team

Stephen R. Lang Photo Editor/Social Media Guru

Troy Maillis Digital Manager/Content Editor

Robert Ruthardt Sales Manager (954) 649-7129

Ian Maloney Associate Publisher


The following demographic data provides you with some insight as to who a typical Mark’s List user is. In general, Mark’s List users are young to middle-aged, highly educated with average incomes and have no children to spend their money on. The site’s visitors are about 60% male and a heavily Hispanic. Please note this is Media Research Council accredited data independently produced and provided by Quantcast.

Also, if you need this from us, here’s the media kit.